What Fresh Hell is This?

Last night we took a four hour round trip driving to some place in Lancaster County to purchase a used welding table.  Three of it was driving; half an hour was inspecting it, working the deal, and getting it loaded onto our trailer.  It was in the 70s, so I left a few windows open in the house, and left them open overnight.  I’m glad I did, because it was already 78 by the time I got up this morning.  I love fresh air running through the house.  It beats the crap out of a sealed up house with stale air, and nothing but air freshener or scented wax melts to make a bit of a difference.

FWIW, the people who sold us the welding table were very cool.  They were out in the sticks, on a very large wooded lot that looked like a junkyard with three cinderblock structures, one of which was their house.  Ma ran the Deere tractor to load the thing onto our trailer, while Pop and Son negotiated the deal, and helped us back up and turn around the trailer to get out of their long, winding, gravel driveway.  It was a bit tricky, but no people or trees were harmed.

I still need to seal coat a convertible bench-to-picnic-table thing I assembled last weekend.  The blazing sun and mid-80s isn’t helping, but I can roll out an awning to get some shade.  Going from winter into summer within three days is weird, but it happens.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t screw up our veggie, fruit, and herb gardens.

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