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*sigh*  The fan died on my main laptop computer.  It’ll be in for a hardware repair for a couple of days.  It’ll take them that long to get in the right part.  Not a big deal.  I can take either this machine or a tablet with me to MN, if I don’t get my beloved favorite back before we leave.  The price they quoted me is fair.  It’s a bitch to park within three blocks of their storefront, but it can be done.

Believe it or not, three companies I contacted, that billed themselves as computer repair shops, replied that they were not equipped to deal with hardware issues.  *groan*  If it was a software issue, I could have fixed it myself.  I don’t happen to have a bunch of spare hardware parts on hand.  A bazillion connection cords, yes, but not guts.

So, I brought it in to a local storefront operation owned and run by a 30-something guy with tattoo sleeves, and his two assistants, who told me beforehand, via email, “We can fix that, no problem.  We like hardware fixes.”  They all knew exactly what was needed when the one assistant opened it up.  Not one doubt among all three that I had correctly diagnosed the problem before dropping it off with them.  Yup, the fan’s shot.  Still, getting it fixed is a helluva lot cheaper than replacing it with any sort of new computer that I’d actually want.

The most annoying thing is getting used to the keyboard on this even older 15″ model, after all these years.

First world problems, right?

3 thoughts on “Computer Repair

  1. I like the local computer guy. He used to have a store front, but he prefers to work out of his customer’s home when he can. I haven’t used his services yet, but he’s got a lot of positive feedback, is really good at warning people about scams (like people hijacking your computer, then calling you up and demanding a bunch of money to fix the problem they causedZ) he’ll even fix that problem for a hell of a lot cheaper and a safer manner! And he loves meeting the assorted pets of his clients. =)

    • LOL! My mother-in-law used to get a few calls from people telling her that they were from Microsoft, calling to alert her that her computer had a virus. She knew they were scams, so she’d play along and tell them “Oh, okay, I think you’re right. I’ll call the Geek Squad to come fix it. Thank you.” The scammers would be all “No, no, don’t do that. We can fix it for you.” I’ve heard about the ransomware scams, but don’t personally know anyone who has let any ransomware through, and had to deal with it.

      BTW, we went through your neck of the woods a couple of times over the past week. I frickin’ love Iowa (and Minnesota). 🙂

      • oh he LOVES to mess with the microsoft scammers too. LOL Well any phone scammer really. He posts the more amusing interactions on his FB. He really loves it when they claim to be from this area. They get so pissed when he calls them on their lies.

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