Niagara Cave

For at least six years in a row, we’ve been going to Minnesota over Memorial Day Weekend.  It’s a good 2700 mile round trip for family get togethers for one or another celebration.  My husband’s cousin drives up from NM, so we’re not the only ones who drive there, rather than fly, and rent a car.  This time, it was for our niece’s college graduation.  I much prefer swinging through Iowa and up to the ‘Sconsin, and across route; there’s much less traffic that way, since it avoids Chicago, Madison, and the Wisconsin Dells.

We had most of Saturday to ourselves, so we drove to Niagara Cave.  It was well worth the trip.  I have no issues with claustrophobia.  Overall, I preferred Cave of the Winds, in/near Colorado Springs, but this one is very different, and very cool — both literally, and figuratively.  On a 98F day, yeah, a cave is a nice place to be.  I was feeling the quad and glute muscle workout the next day, though, after the long, steep climb out of there.  The admission fee for a one hour guided tour is reasonable.

I’d love to go see Laurel Caverns, too, but it’s one of those things that I wouldn’t do unless I was staying in the area; it’s not a day trip.

2 thoughts on “Niagara Cave

  1. Niagra Cave now there’s somewhere I haven’t been in many years. I used to go on lots of cave tours, but can’t do that anymore. =( one of the more difficult ones I went on was in South Dakota. I don’t remember the name now, but I remember it being 70 some steps almost straight down almost like climbing up an down a ladder. a hell of a work out.

    • I believe my partner in spelunking crime counted 52 or 53 out of there at the end. That was pretty nasty. Add another 20 to it, and I’m not going, no matter how wonderful it is.

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