No, not I.  Who knows what the certifiably cuckoo Nickster is up to nowadays?  I fixed my German cuckoo clock today, and got it reset to the minute.  Of all the clocks in my house, that one’s my favorite.  I really do prefer hearing one “cuh-coo” for each hour to a a series of bing-bong-bing-bongs, and an additional bong, two, or three, depending upon which quarter hour it is.

I love antique clocks.  There’s nothing wrong with an 1800s Seth Thomas grandfather clock, other than it has lead weights that are a pain to rewind.  They’re lovely clocks.  I have one.  It’s a pain in the ass to move 3″, let alone from one house to another.  Still, I prefer my cuckoo clock, and my 1800s schoolhouse clock, because I don’t have to wash my hands every time I have to rewind them, and adjust lead weights.

Herr Cuckoo is working again.



2 thoughts on “Cuckoo

  1. “Who knows what the certifiably cuckoo Nickster is up to nowadays?”

    He’s going about desperately trying to spam his writing and publishing career back to life, everywhere from Urban Dictionary to fandom wikis.

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