I’ve finally gotten the pool water nice and clear,  so that I can see all the way down to the bottom of the deep end, clearly.  It took a while, which is normal.  I am the pool maintenance staff.  Chemical addition,  and balance is up to me for the next three months.  Haven’t had to fish out any frogs after a rain storm yet, but that probably will become necessary if the herons fishing by the pond for them miss a few.

Hooray!  I had to order a replacement part for our automatic vacuum.  So be it.  It’s a lot cheaper than replacing the entire thing, plus, it still works w/o thepart, and I can use the manual vacuum I have in the meantime.

Hello, skirtini!  That exposes as much flesh as I am willing to.

On another topic, I fired up my 3300 psi  Ryobi pressure washer that has a Honda engine.  Very nice piece of equipment.  It really does get the job done.

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