The Weekend’s Off to a Good Start

Ben barked up a storm this morning, which made me look to see if it was the mailman.  Sure enough, it was.  He was dropping off some packages by the front door that wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.  When we were away in MN a few weeks ago, I had the USPS hold the mail.  When it got delivered on our anticipated return date, there was so much of it that it was left by the front door in one of those milky white plastic crates they use.  I’d been meaning to drop it off at the P.O., but my other half had been driving around with it in the back of his truck when he went off to work all week, so I couldn’t deliver it.

Fortunately, I caught the mailman, and asked if he’d mind hanging around while I fetched it.  It took me a whopping 20 seconds to run across the driveway, open the back window of the topper, then the tailgate, scamper into the truck bed, and fish it out.  It had slid all the way up to the cab end.

Although I could have made good use of it for storage, had I kept it, it’s not my property.  The mailman grabbed it, and told me that I could have just hung it off my mailbox out  by the street.  Okay, so now I know.  At least the USPS got its property back, and I’m not going to get arrested (not that I would have been, anyway).

Other than that, my pellet ammo arrived for my air gun, as did my new omnidirectional ham radio antenna, (which beats the crap out of trying to build a tower for a Yagi, or running a long copper line), and a pair of Merrell hiking boots to replace my old pair that finally gave up the ghost after 20 years.

Also, a guy from the pool company showed up, unannounced, late afternoon, yesterday.  I called the service department to pay the bill, and explained about how the leak at the heater was getting so bad that I can’t run the circulator anymore, because the water level had dropped by 4″ pretty quickly.  Sure, I topped off the water using a garden hose, but it was very slow going to replace what leaks faster than that.  I was told they were a little shorthanded during the week, were behind schedule, and might not be able to send someone out until Monday or Tuesday.  Mostly, that meant I couldn’t run the circulator, which meant I couldn’t vacuum the debris on the bottom.  The water clarity was great, but probably wouldn’t have been by Monday or Tuesday.

Yes, this weekend is off to a good start. 🙂

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