Sonichu Woz ‘Ere

This picture made me chuckle.  Look at the shape of what’s left of the glass storefront door.

Sonichu did it, I tell ya!  Busted right through that glass.  Anyone know what Chris-Chan’s been up to lately, other than pretending to be trans to make friends with females?

2 thoughts on “Sonichu Woz ‘Ere

  1. Yes…

    Apparently, he’s been the victim of an ongoing extortion scheme concocted by two people. More here.

    It’s kind of scary that the owner of a site that was once devoted to mocking Chris is the only one truly concerned about his well being.

    • I’m sure Chris would drive me crazy if I ever met him. On one hand, he brings the grief upon himself, especially when he maces a store employee who was trying to eject him. OTOH, I do feel somewhat sorry for him, because even if he knows better, which is questionable, he can’t do better. In some ways, he reminds me of my dog; no matter how many times he snaps at a toad, all it earns him is a mouthful of foamy spittle from the toxin, yet he persists in doing it.

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