Hobnobs, Never Gyp the Wait Staff, and Veggie Garden

We visited mom today, and took her grocery shopping after the thunderstorms broke.  She had her list.  I also wanted to get a few items while I was there that we can find around here, but not at Aldi, so in order to get them, we would have had to make a separate trip.  Might as well get them while we were there.  I found a sleeve of McVitie’s Hobnobs.  Although I almost never buy cookies, because most that I like, with the exception of Florentines, are so easy to make from scratch.  I’ll make an exception for Florentines, and Hobnobs, as a rare treat; I could not bake either one at home.


Although we haven’t done this in a while, we used to go out to our favorite pub for dinner after visiting mom.  We did so tonight.  Didn’t get our favorite waitress, who has been there since the beginning, but we got a really good one who had waited our table before.  Here’s my viewpoint on tipping, in the NE United States, anyway.  If the total cost of the meal isn’t that much ($24, for a huge plate of nachos and four draft beers is fairly typical for us), tip at least $3/person; if it’s an expensive meal at a really chi-chi place, stick closer to the 15% norm.  That way, if you want to become “regulars,” nobody is going to groan that you got seated at their table, or give you crappy service.

Tonight, we ordered an inexpensive meal, and I really wanted the two pint glasses in which we were served our brewskis, so I asked our waitress if I could buy them.  They were from River Horse Brewery in Ewing, NJ, and had an angry looking hippo for a logo.  This particular pub will sell the pint glasses, if a customer asks.  Some will; some won’t.  The cost may vary.  This time, we were charged $1 apiece, which she added to our bill.  If you order pint glasses directly from whatever brewery, the going rate is $5 apiece, plus shipping.  Our waitress even offered to go fetch us two clean ones, but I told her there’s no need; we’ll rinse them out when we get home, and run them through the dishwasher.  We would have left her the same good tip if the answer had been “No, I’m sorry we can’t sell them.”  Ask, and you might get; don’t ask, and you won’t get.  Right?

Pubs get cases of logo pint glasses for free from breweries, as promotions.  As long as more promotional glasses come in, they have nothing to lose by selling a few to customers, even if it’s for a paltry amount.  We’ve built up quite a large collection of pint glasses this way, plus added some Stella Artois gold rimmed glasses, and a few pilsener glasses via either free promos, or buy a 12-pack, and get one promos.

On to the veggie garden!  We’re getting jalapeños, cayennes, yellow straightneck squash, zucchinis, Kentucky Wonder pole beans, and Blue Lake bush beans, all ready for the picking.  What’s coming in big and strong, but are not yet ready for the picking are tomatoes, hard squash, and Tuscan-type hybrid melons.  The heirloom varieties look really good this year — so far.  Fingers crossed.

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