Free Case, Maybe

We’re letting our neighbor borrow our big trailer to transport his big tractor back and forth between his other house and the one next to ours.  He has one of his own, but it’s still non-op for whatever reason.  We use our small trailer much more often the large one, and he’s got the truck to pull it.  He also borrowed our small trailer to haul away five loads of mulch from our huge pile that we offered him back in April, and deliver a load of sheep shit compost, because it’s outfitted with 2″x4″ side paneling, so stuff doesn’t fall out of it all over the road.  It diminishes the load volume, and cargo weight, but it gets the job done.

Anyway, he texted my other half to ask what kind of beer we liked.  My other half replied “Yuengling Lager.”  I wish he had replied “Yard’s Tavern Ale,” but Yueng doesn’t clash with anything, so it’s fine if that’s what we end up with.  The thing is, he could have borrowed the trailer without offering anything in return.  We could not ask for better neighbors than he and his wife.

They’re not raising chickens anymore, so they no longer drop off any spare free range eggs.  I miss their Rhodie, Barred Rock, and Ameraucana hens, but I do not miss that Rhodie rooster.  He started getting a little too aggressive; instead of herding the girls under the trees when a hawk flew overhead, he started flupping me on the back of my knees with his wings.  Evidently, he did that to his owner, too, so when he went missing one day, his owner said “Good.  Saves me the trouble.”

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