Bad Kitty, Bad!

My other half made some bacon this morning, and left me a rasher.  Unfortunately, he left it on the cutting board on a paper towel.  We know our dog didn’t steal it, because he would have eaten the greasy paper towel, too.  The paper towel was intact, so we knew it was Bad Kitty.  She’s our shorthair black cat.

The girl isn’t evil; she’s just sneaky.  Although she may feel proud of her achievement, she’s not getting any cat treats for a week, and she may even get docked a little on her dinner tonight.  It took us several months to shave her obesity off her.  A beer barrel body on a pinhead with dainty small paws is not a good look for any cat.

One thought on “Bad Kitty, Bad!

  1. My neighbor’s cat, Sparks, needs to go on a diet. When she prances down the hall her belly fat swings back and forth. LOL

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