Fantastic Vet

Greta got her stitches taken out yesterday, got her annual combo shot, and has forgiven us.  The veterinarian who did the job is the son of the original owner, and probably co-owns the joint.  Both are excellent.  So is everybody else they hire.  There was no charge for removing the stitches, but there was for the shot, at a very reasonable cost.  Turns out thaat Greta did not need the second week’s worth of antibiotics.  We were told that we could return the unused pills for a refund.  Really?

We had no further use for them, but they did.  Untouched, uncontaminated, still in unbroken vacuum packs, they can still use them on their hospital patients.  Even if I didn’t get a refund for them, still in their vacuum packs, I wouldn’t have cared.  Still, I got nearly a $15 credit to my account, which will come in handy when our black shorthair needs her annual checkup and combo shot.  I freakin’ love this vet.

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