Ozzie Update and eBay Victory

Ozzie is settling in well.  He’s still wary of the dog, and is a picky eater.  If I mix in a spoonful of stinky, wet cat food with his 1/3 c. of dry kibble, he will eat ~3/4 of it.  This is an improvement.  There’s no way we’re going to feed him exclusively wet cat food; it bad for his teeth, long term, and he already has dental problems.  That said, he loves the tippy top of the cat tree, which is supposed to be 70″ tall, but is more like 68″.  The girls consult their cat behavior manual, and realize they’re supposed to give him a token hiss when he passes by, so they do.  He looks at them as if to say “Yeah, whatever,” and keeps going.   Woo-hoo, Oz!

As for eBay, I ordered something that should have arrived early last week, and the seller’s shipping company claimed it was.  It wasn’t.  Not here, anyway.  After three days worth of back and forth with the seller, he finally told me it was my problem, not his, etc.  I filed a claim with eBay for a simple refund, which came back within 10 minutes as “Denied.  Your case is closed.”  I had to get on the phone to get a service rep to “appeal” my case.  Anyway, I won, eBay reversed its decision, and I got my refund — or so I was told.  I’ve got the electronic “paper trail” to back it up, if it doesn’t post within three business days. No need to be snippy with anyone involved, but this is progress.

Other than that, all news is Hurricane Florence, even though it’s supposed to miss us, if the projected swing-around to the SW, then north, holds.

Stay safe, if you’re anywhere Flo’s supposed to blow through.

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