Gift Cards

In general, I dislike getting gift cards, because they’re rarely for anywhere I’d want to use them.  However, I managed to get nine of them, altogether within the past three months.

One was from a neighbor for doing him a couple of favors, good for $50 at a restaurant he co-owns.  We used it; the staff accepted it, along with the cash we added for the overage, including tax and tip.  We’ve been there a few times before, and like the place, so why not use it?  But, it takes 45 minutes to drive there, so w/o either that incentive, or the incentive of seeing a band we like play there on a Friday night in the pub room, we wouldn’t have gone all the way up there.

The rest are from local businesses wanting to attract my business, but expire within a few months.  Most are from restaurants.  Two are within two miles.  Another four are within six miles.

The remaining two are not my thing.  I don’t care whether you give me a full day “spa treatment” for free; I’m not taking you up on it.  There’s nothing ache and pain-wise at this stage of my life that I can’t handle at home with a few ibuprobin, a jacuzzi, and a good stretching of my muscles to work out the knots in my shoulders, with which I need no help.  Anything facial that people go to spas for is not in my program.  A steamy shower should fix your facial issues, unless it’s acne.

We’ve decided upon two local restaurants at which to use these gift cards.  One has a good pub.  The other has a fantastic brunch, judging by the reviews on Trip Advisor, which I consider more reliable than those on Yelp.

Two other restaurant gift cards have potential.  The incentive to go there isn’t high, though.

The one I know we’re going to use is from  place 1.5 miles down the road that has a fantastic fixed price brunch menu.  Everything on it is something that we’d want to eat, and the reviews are really good.


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