Duluth Trading Company

I’ve ordered items from them before, some on sale, and some not.  Some were leather goods, and some were clothing.  Everything I’ve bought from them wears like iron, and is nearly indestructible.

When they had a Columbus Day sale on firehose pants, I checked it out.  My other half has been wearing out jeans really fast doing tree felling, chainsawing, log splitting, chipper/shredder duty, and changing oil, etc. on the tractors.  Back in the ’70s, we’d patch worn out old jeans with either sewn on flannel patches from old shirts, or use iron-on patches.  That’s fine for ordinary wear, but not good enough to handle serious physical work that does not involve a gym.

So, I ended up ordering a pair of firehose pants for him, and one for myself.  He loves his.  I love mine.  Mine were supposed to be the “slim leg” verson.  Ha!  They’re baggy everywhere below the waist, but if I return them for a size 2, the waist will be snug when I need to tuck in an underlayer and a flannel shirt.  What I am thankful for, though, is that the women’s versions come in a 33″ inseam.  Most pants for women come with too short of an inseam.  These aren’t supposed to be capris, so finding the right inseam is a plus.

Yay for Duluth Trading!  I love that comapny.  My only complaint is that they use UPS Ground “Sure Post” shipping that entails ground shipping from WI, to your local post office to deliver the next day.  That adds a day to delivery.  Kind of annoying, but it’s not worth paying for expedited delivery, when shipping is usually free.

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