Very Nice Recliner Console Loveseat

After checking out several options for cost vs. quality, I ordered from Bob’s Discount Furniture.  The delivery was supposed to be somewhere between 3:15 and 7:15pm.  But, at 2:30, I got a call saying they’d be here in 15 minutes.  I was here, so that was okay.  Two guys showed up, who only came up to my shoulders, speaking Spanish to each other.  It was not in their delivery job description to move my old 400 lb. sofa-bed to the side, where I wanted it, to put the new piece in its place, but they did it for me, anyway.  I asked nicely.

If your job is delivering furniture, and setting it up where the customer wants it, you’d better be all business.  Those guys were.  Don’t dick with them about 2″ to the left or right, and waste their time.  Don’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours.

This new piece of furniture is the best, even though it doesn’t match with all my antiques.  So what?  It’s a whole lot more comfy than some Louis XIV sofa, or a reproduction of one.

It pissed me off a little that a few hours later I kept getting calls from Bob’s asking for feedback about my delivery experience.  Yes it was fine.  Go away.

Anyway, this new piece of furniture is … divine.

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