Happy Halloween Witches and Ghouls

We never get trick-or-treaters here; it’s too rural.  But, that doesn’t mean people don’t have fun decorating for it, with mini-pumpkins on their fence posts, and scarecrows by their mailboxes.  I didn’t even bother drawing faces with a Sharpie on our home-grown sugar pumpkins, because if I do put them outside in this weather, they will not last as long as they would if kept indoors.  I want them to keep long enough to process for pies for the holidays.  Still, I did some seasonal decorations in Fall colors.

I remember trick-or-treating when I was a kid, having to wear winter clothing under my costume.  Today is a balmy 67F, as it were mid-September.  It’s glorious!

Had a dentist appointment today, and didn’t even have to wear a light jacket.  There was good and bad news.  I thought the crown on my molar implant just needed tightening, but it turned out the entire assembly had worked itself loose.  Happens in 6% of the cases.  I’m one of the “lucky” 6%.  So, instead of being tightened, it had to be removed, a bone graft stuck in there, and a newer different style replacement scheduled for implant in three months.  At least it’s all covered under warranty, so even w/o dental insurance, I’m not getting hit with bills for all of this.

We did get a little damage from that Nor’easter that blew through last Saturday.  It was limited to a few large downed branches, none of which hit our house or vehicles, but two of them pierced one of the roof panels on our pole barn.  We’ve got a call in to the manufacturer for a repair estimate.  If it’s less than the deductible on my homeowner’s insurance, I won’t file a claim.  I trust the manufacturer more than I would an ordinary roofing contractor.

Last, we had the pool closed the second week of October, and I received the bill via email right before we went on vacation.  meant to pay it when we got back, but totally forgot.  Missed the two week face value due date to pay.  Oops.  Called, and paid, and the woman who handles their billing told me she’d knock off the late payment fee, and charge me face value.  How’s that for a “treat”?  Niiiiice!



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