Pole Barn Rep Arrived to Assess the Damage

This guy is the local rep for the pole barn manufacturer.  Evidently he made good time driving from his previous appointment, because he got here a few minutes before my other half did.  So, I showed him the roof damage, and let him inside the barn to check out the wood frame.  The wood framing is aces, but the damage to the steel roof is potentially expensive.  When he asked whether this was going to be an insurance claim, I made it clear that it depends upon the estimate; if it comes in below my deductible, I would not file a claim, only to have my premium skyrocket.

The guy was all business, which was great.  Don’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours.  Part of it might have been that we were his second appointment of the day, on a Friday, and he only had one more before going home for the weekend.  Whatever.  I like the way he rolls.  Major kudos to him for being as comfortable speaking with me as he was with my other half.  Some guys are a little “Where’s the man of the house, so I can speak to him?”  This guy wasn’t like that at all.

We’ll get an estimate on Monday or Tuesday.  Fingers crossed that it’s three figures for parts, travel time, and labor costs.  This could go either way.

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