My other half wanted me to make lasagne a few days ago.  No.  Not happening after I had my molar implant removed.  This is day four later, and although I had to scarf down some ibuprofin this morning when I woke up, I think I can finally handle eating somthing a little more solid than soup or mashed potatoes.  Lasagne it is!

The best news is that with this Indian Summer we’re having, our oregano hasn’t gone dormant yet, so I can use fresh oregano in it.  Dried will suffice in the dead of winter, but it’s not the same.  We have all the ingredients, and it’s just a layered casserole, so there’s nothing time specific about it.  Make it.  Assemble it.  Bake it.  Enjoy that meaty, pasta-y, cheesy goodness while it’s fresh, but the leftovers the next day are even better (like chili).

Good.  I was getting so sick of butternut squash and egg drop soup, both of which I like, but not for days on end.

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