Ozzie is the 10 year old longhair gray male cat we adopted a couple of months ago.  He was a picky eater at first.  When we went on vacation a month ago, we decided to “lock” him into the annex, so the girl cats wouldn’t steal his food when he didn’t eat it fast enough.  Turned out to be a good plan.  He did a good job on his kibble while we were gone, without interference.

Last night, I was feeling like crap, with my neck arthritis acting up, so that I needed some fake Ben-Gay, and an ice pack for it.  Fine, but within another hour, I needed another ice pack for my facial sinuses, so I decided to go upstairs to lie down on my bed.  Within three minutes, Ozzie was up there on the bed with me, standing on my chest, licking my face, then settling down, wedged up against my ribcage.  The critters know when you’re feeling crummy, and do their best to comfort you.  He was aces, purring up a storm.

Ozzie was already 10 when we adopted him.  He had all kinds of problems when he was brought to the shelter, probably because his former owner could no longer take care of him, and he got his own room for three months, instead of being shoved in the cattery room, which is only slightly larger than the one he was given to himself.  He does have permanent sinus and oral issues, but he’s the best cat.  He’s super affectionate, and actually likes being brushed/combed to get rid of his mats.  If he had been mistreated, he wouldn’t be so affectionate, so I chalk it up to being neglected.  The girls bossed him around for a couple of weeks, but when his reaction was “Whatever, dear,” they gave up.

Every male cat I’ve ever owned has been such a sweetheart.  Not so with the girl cats.  They can get really bitchy — or possesive.

So, right now, we have two female cats, one male cat, and one male dog, all over the age of nine.  The dog won’t go up on the bed, but the cats will, when I need them.  A snuggly cat is maybe not as good as ice packs, but when you need one, one of them will volunteer.

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