Lovely Thanksgiving, and Working on the Farm on “Black Friday”

Mom didn’t once complain yesterday, ate a little of everything we catered, and kept most of the leftovers.  All was good, except for us having to drive home into the sunset, with the sun glare on a 65mph highway for half of it.

Today is a work day on the farm, despite the 20F high.  I don’t really consider it cold if it stays in double digits.  This time of year, it’s mostly downing snags, and chopping them up for next year’s firewood, plus reloading our wood rack by the house to make it easier to fetch wood for the wood burning fireplace at night, or first thing in the morning.  The main wood shed is a football field away, by the barn.  We really could cook on the wood burning stove, if we had to, but we don’t.

I love it that the old Kubota (’72) runs like a champ, after a few repairs, and the only other thing that needs to get working is the old International Harvester one with an enclosed cab.  Shouldn’t bee to difficult to get working, but in these temps, a butane heater is in order for the open door barn to make the repairs.

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