Christmas Party

Our neighbor from across the street stopped by yesterday morning to invite us to the Christmas party he and his wife are having this Sunday.  We’ve never even met them before.  It’ll be a bit tight on timing.  We have to visit my mom on Sunday, and almost never get back by 4:00, when this thing is supposed to start.  Sounds like it might not matter though, as we got the impression people would be coming and going while the thing lasts.  If we don’t get there until 4:30, it’s probably okay.

So, I went to a state store yesterday to find a decent bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for them, with a gift bag for it.  Until the guy showed up in person in his SUV, at our front door to invite us, neither on of us had ever met him.  We knew he and his wife lived across the street, but that was it.  It’s wrong to show up to someone’s party with nothing.

Today, we got my M-I-L’s Christmas present mailed.  She’ll get a kick out of it, being a librarian in USDA zone 4.  Winter there is the best seven months of the year!

On another note, the John & Kira’s chocolates I sent into the office went over really well.  They did last Chaunkah, too, so it was a no-brainer this time around.  The owner loved them so much last year that he brought a few home to his wife, who in turn, looked up the company online, and ordered more.  These chocolates are even better than Teuscher’s champagne truffles.  When Ellen is impressed with something enough to buy some for herself, you know it’s good; not much impresses her.

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