Great Christmas

Dinner went over well.  Mom likes my cooking, and if she didn’t, she would not hesitate to say so.  We had the curried eggs and smoked salmon while we waited for the main course and fixings to reheat.  It’s hard to screw up curried eggs, or rolling up strips of smoked salmon into “logs.”

She was funny about dessert.  She did have one of my neighbor’s cookies (holy hell, my neighbor is a phenomenal baker!), a piece of my peppermint bark, and a slice of carrot cake, but did not want any of the leftover desserts.  Every time we show up with food, we have no way of knowing what she has suddenly decided either not to eat, or to cut way back on, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot.

Anyway, mom loved the shearling slippers I bought her (not UGGS).  She had been talking about wanting a pair of slippers for months, but wanted to try them on before buying them.  That wasn’t going to happen, but I know her size, and I know her feet get cold, so shearling “pixie boot” slippers were the solution.  I also am very familiar with the brand, and know how the sizing runs.  Fortunately, they fit her feet just fine, so I didn’t have to take them home, pack them back up, use the return shipping label, and drop them off at the UPS Store a mile away for a refund.  I would have done that, easy-peasy, if necessary, but it wasn’t.

On our way out, mom gave me her hybrid Phalaenopsis, a friend had given her a few months ago.  It had done blooming, and she had no clue what to do with it.  My instructions were too complicated for her, so she gave it to me.

As of now, it smells like our turkey stock is done simmering.  I’ll turn off the burner, and leave it sit overnight to cool before filtering out the mirepoix and bones.  There might be some recoverable turkey flesh for the cats and dog, too.

Tomorrow night, it’s turkey pot pie for sure.  Yum!

I hope everyone else had a good Christmas, even if it was “Chinese and a movie.”

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