Sunday Deliveries

I do feel for post office staff who have to work extra hard this time of year.  It’s only the few weeks leading up to Christmas, and after it that they deliver packages on Sunday (no regular mail, though).  Today, I got two:  one from Feather Three, and one from The Vermont Country Store.  I needed a pair of drapes to block the mid-morning and mid-afternoon sun glare that comes through the patio sliders this time of year, when the sun remains fairly low in the sky.  And, we ordered a beanie and sweatshirt from Feather Three.  Full disclosure:  Feather Three is my nephew’s e-commerce site.

I thought “feather three” meant feather the number 3 engine on a plane, because there are several pilots in my family.  Evidently, it’s also a reference to ballroom dancing that I didn’t know until my nephew explained it.  Anyway, the merch is nicer than I expected.  My other half will use the beanie while he’s out felling and chopping wood, or plowing the driveway after a snow, and I’ll wear the hoodie.  A unisex medium is rather baggy on me, but it means it fits fine over a turtleneck and heavy duty flannel shirt.  I hate any kind of clingy clothing that isn’t a bathing suit, or underwear.  I didn’t really need a new sweatshirt, but I’m happy to help support my nephew’s business.  Ballroom dancing, or any other kind of dancing, for that matter, isn’t my thing, so paying to take lessons from him, which he does get paid to teach, isn’t going to happen.  Even someone who has all the grace of an ox can wear a sweatshirt.

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  1. The only ballroom dances I enjoy watching are the Tango and the paso doble. I don’t care for much modern dancing. It’s most about how many tricks you can do to look impressive. My neighbor and I prefer Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers style dancing!

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