I love Coach handbags, and their other leather goods.  Although we have a Coach outlet store `5 miles away, I had to order this clutch sized purse online directly from Coach to get it for half price, plus another 10% off, in the color I wanted.  For some reason, they call it “plum.”  No.  It’s more like burgundy.  The funniest thing, though, was that 3/4 of the instructions for cleaning it were written in Chinese, and they involved buying cleaner and moisturizer from Coach.

Seriously?  Saddle soap works just fine.  It’s available for ~$5 per can.  Also, if you’ve got some decades old smooth sided ones like I do, that get a little scuffed up, shoe polish does the trick, black, navy, green, or burgundy.  Black shoe polish and cocoa butter works just fine on my 1920s horse brass.  Why would they not work on this clutch bag?  It’s not suede.

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