I had to drop something off at the UPS Store about a mile from here, and decided to stop by another place on my way back to pick up a 12-pack, mostly because my home brew needs another week’s worth of fermenting, and it was on the way.  The place happened to have a nice big display of promotional glassware from various breweries for $2/glass, or 12 for $20.  Why not snag an extra two for the same price?  So, I did.

It’s a mixed bag of Stella, Heineken, Chimay, Allagash, Long Trail, O’Hara, and Red Hook.  I didn’t want any of the Guinness ones, and the Hoegaaarden ones looked like they should be filled with ice cream and root beer, rather than beer, so I passed on those.  We have a wet bar in the basement rec room, and when we host parties, usually during the summer, when we set one up outside on the main patio, glasses get broken or chipped.  It never hurts to have extras.  None of the ones I snagged look like your basic pint glasses.

I felt sorry for the woman who decided they had to be wrapped individually, because none of them would fit in a 6-pack or 4-pack box.  But, she’s a doll.  We’ve known each other by sight for a couple of years.  It was like packing glassware or coffee mugs for moving day, except that they all went into paper bags, rather than a corrugated cardboard box.  She even helped me carry it out to my car, so that I didn’t have to make two trips.  I didn’t ask her to do that, but I appreciated, and took her up on her offer.

I’m sure the place got these promotional glasses for free from the respective distributors, but selling them for what they did is a win-win for them, and their customers.  These sort of logo’d glasses normally run anywhere from $5-8 each (plus shipping), if you order them directly from the brewery, depending upon whether the rim is plain, or covered in gilt or silver.  The Stellas are gilt; the Chimays are silver.  Hand wash those.  The rest can go though the dishwasher, just like any other glass can.  The niftiest part is that eight of them could do double-duty to serve wine, in a pinch.

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