Most Boring Stupor Bowl Evah, and Nice Haul

Typically, for a Super Bowl, I make several finger food type munchies:  potstickers with dipping sauce, nachos, chicken satay, etc.  This time around, I wasn’t up for doing all that, so I just made a batch of chili, and quéso, served with tortilla chips.  The chili was spicy enough to make my mouth numb, but hardly what I’d call five alarm (more like three alarm).  I think I’ll use the chicken for tikka masala this evening.

As it turned out, the chili made me sleepy, so I dozed off before halftime, underneath my favorite throw blanket, and didn’t wake up until that turnover right near the end of the game that sealed the deal for the Patriots.  Evidently, everything I missed was something I didn’t regret missing, from Adam Levine’s nips and tats to the god-awful supercilious, sanctimonious ads.

Unless their home team is in it, most people watch the Super Bowl for the ads, anyway.  Apparently, those scored even less than the total game points, if that’s possible.  There hasn’t been a good halftime show since Prince.

Today, I made an errand run to a local deli/bottle shop.  They were still selling their collection of logo beer glasses for $2 apiece, so I picked up another dozen.  They get them for free as promotions from the beer distributors.  Two bucks apiece is a good deal, since they normally run anywhere from $5 to $8, if you get them from the brewery.  The Hoegaarden glasses were supposed to be $5 each, but the woman who works checkout during weekday morning to afternoon hours sold them to me for the same $2 as the other glasses.  I probably wouldn’t serve beer in them, but they’re great for root beer floats.  The rest of the ones I bought were some more Heinekens, Long Trail, and some from Commonwealth Cider (which I had never heard of before today).  The Long Trail ones are laser etched, instead of stamped on, so the logo will never wash off, no matter how many times they get run through the dishwasher.  The only beer glasses I have that need to be hand washed are the Stella Artois and Chimay ones that have gilt or silver around the rim.

Seriously, for $24, these dozen were well worth it.  When they get condensation on them in the summer, people drop them on the patio, and they shatter.  With these, I don’t really care if they get broken, as long as we can sweep or vacuum up the shards before anyone steps on them barefoot.

One thought on “Most Boring Stupor Bowl Evah, and Nice Haul

  1. I dozed through most of the Super Bowl. I didn’t care who won since the Vikings weren’t in it. =(

    The commercials were also forgettable.

    Mother Nature is hating on Iowa right now. Snow storm earlier this week, another one tonight and tomorrow.

    My thyroid decided it doesn’t want to work again. Ended up in the hospital for a few days after I fell Tuesday afternoon and nobody found me to help me tof almost 2 hours. =(

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