Live Concerts and eBay

Around here, we have so many good musicians playing in small local venues.  We got to see Marshall Crenshaw and The Bottle Rockets a couple of nights ago, for the fourth time at that particular venue.  It’s a 19th century movie house and stage that seats less than 300 people.  We also have tix to see Wishbone Ash, the Strawbs, and the Black Lillies at the same venue.

I also snagged tix for a cabaret table for two right in front of the stage to see Al Stewart for the fourth time at another, even smaller local winery venue.  I love his particular “brand” of irreverant and folksy stage manner of talking to the audience between songs, along with all sorts of historical references in the lyrics.  Today’s young’uns would probably think his music’s fine, but would wonder what his lyrics are all about.

Some people go see movies.  We prefer seeing live concerts, especially at small venues where beer, wine, and snacks are available to purchase and bring to our seats to enjoy along with the show.

On to eBay.  I cannot always find the least expensive version of what I want from one of its sellers, but often, I do.  Most of them ship pronto.  If I have to order from another country, it typically doesn’t take long for it to make it through customs, from Poland, Peru, or Japan, but it can get stuck for a week if it’s from China, even if it’s some LED Christmas lights.  I can deal with that.  What pisses me off is that occasionally, I win an auction, pay for it within minutes, and the seller, who is only about 500 miles away from me can’t be bothered shipping it within 10 days.  I shouldn’t have to chase down the seller to inquire about it.  I do have recourse, for a refund, if necessary.  Still, it’s a pain in the ass.  It shouldn’t happen with a seller who has 100% five-star feedback.

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