Hotel Reservations Suck

I had no problems making reservations in Champaign, and Cambridge, but Rochester was quite a challenge, even with member rewards.  The website kept insisting I only wanted one adult, despite repeated attempts to change it to two.  It made no difference to the room rate, but I’d rather not show up with a reservation for one, and have both of us traipse through the lobby with our luggage after check-in to stay for several days.  I finally got it right, but it was like pulling teeth.

FWIW, I was able to print out the reservations for all three places.  Since I’ve never worked for a hotel, it never occurred to me that a king bed room would be cheaper than a room with two queens in one chain, and more expensive in another.  The two of us combined weigh less than 250 lbs., so it’s not as if we need a whole lot of space to spread out.  We’ll take the less expensive option.  After all, we’re only going to crash there at night, and grab breakfast on our way out in the morning.

The worst of it is that printing out the reservations uses four pages per hotel, when it really should only use one page.  What a waste of paper, and ink.

First world problems, right?

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