Tree Downing

We needed a few mostly dead trees taken down, that are at least four stories tall.  It’s not a big deal to take out smaller ones, or snags that aren’t close to the house.  The “Okay, that’s it, dammit!” moment came a few weeks ago when a wind storm dropped a huge branch right where we normally park our vehicles.  A week later, after we had called a few places to get estimates, it dropped another smaller one the size of one of my legs, that missed my car by 2′.

So, we went with this one company, after  both of us had shown the owner around the property, pointed out what needed to be done, and got a what I thought was a fair estimate.  We wanted them to leave the downed trees here, so there was no removal cost.  We have use for maple.  In addition to quoting us a fixed price for a day’s worth of labor, even if it entailed more than we originally pointed out, they dropped off two trailer loads worth of white pine logs for free.  They don’t want them; they can’t sell them to a lumber mill, or a furniture maker, as is.  They’re not good for firewood, either.  But, white pine does make nice indoor furniture, and we have the chainsaws and a small saw mill to render them down.

Anyway, they’re here, now that the weather is cooperating.  My god are they efficient.  It’s the owner, plus his crew of four guys.  Split that fixed price between four guys, and the owner, for up to eight hours worth of work, and they’re not exactly making a mint, considering their worker’s comp insurance.  Still, they took the job, and I’ll cut the owner a check when they’re ready to leave, unless he prefers to bill me later, if that’s the only way he can give me a receipt.

Yay, tree guys!  If we ever need tree service again, this company would be the first one I call for an estimate.  Although it might sound a little undignified, woo-hoo!

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