Just in the Nick of Time

We finally got our barn roof repaired yesterday.  From estimate, to back and forth paperwork, paying 2/3 upfront for materials, etc., it took almost three months to get the crew over here to do the job.  We got one day’s notice.  Granted, the weather needed to be cooperative, but we visited the company’s office a month ago or so, and were promised at the time that the materials were on a building site a few miles from here, and we were next in line for the repair.  The thing is that the weather cooperated, and we had a few days over the past week that were not only above freezing, but had crystal clear blue skies, sun, and actually got into the 50s, Farenheit.

They moved in one piece of fairly heavy equipment, and two small other trucks, but it was way out by the barn, and three guys got the entire job done in less than two hours.  We didn’t have to move anything other than a tractor, and our big trailer to give them enough room to maneuver their equipment.  I got all the paperwork I needed when I cut them the check for the balance, per the contract.  They did a really good job.  They sure should have, because after taking bids, we ended up hiring the original manufacturer to do the repair, rather than someone who just owns a local roofing company.  One of the crew members remembered building this barn ~20 years ago.

The “just in the nick of time” part was that last night it started raining, and is still raining — hard.  At least we don’t have to worry about snow melt or rain getting inside the barn anymore.  There are still tall trees around the barn, but we’ve already had the ones susceptible to toppling or dropping huge branches removed.  Same deal around our main house, not that any branches have dropped on it’s roof, but when they drop on where we normally park our vehicles in a wind storm, they’ve got to go.

Either the contractors around here are really good, for fair prices, or I’ve been very good at deciding who to hire.  Either way, I’m a happy camper.

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