USPS Sucks

My mom called me to track the package she sent to her accountant, five days ago, because she’s inept with modern technology, even though she has it.  She had no clue how to track her package, but she could read me the # over the phone.

So, I did it for her, while she was on the phone with me.  Holy hell.  That thing went from the Northeast, down to New Orleans, spent three days in Thibodeaux, and got sent back to the Northeast, where at least it finally got back to the correct state.  Sheesh.

Man, I’ve had some packages sent from Chicago go though Atlanta to MD, to PA, to NY, to OH, back to a hub in my own state, and finally get delivered, but that circuitous route made slightly more sense than sending something from one town to another 25 miles away via Louisiana.   That’s a whole new level of sorting error.  I don’t think we can blame that on faulty logistics software.  That’s crazy.


One thought on “USPS Sucks

  1. our carrier keeps insisting I’m someone who hasn’t lived in our apartment building in YEARS. they keep giving me her mail despite the fact that her name is nothing like mine, and I live in apartment 7 not 1. If she still lived here she’d be pissed that I was getting her mail. How hard is it to put it in the correct mail box?

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