USPS Sucks

I’m getting so fed up with the USPS.  My mom had a package sent to her from her accountant who’s only a few towns away from her in the Northeast get routed through New Orleans.  That was important tax stuff.  She had no idea how to track it, so instead of calling the post office to give whoever answered the tracking number, she called me to track it for her.  I thought that was an anomaly.

Unfortunately, that’s almost becoming the norm.  I’m expecting several packages for which I have tracking numbers.  The ones for UPS, FedEx, and even DHL seem to be routed through distribution/transfer centers that make sense.  But, I have one coming from a town an hour’s drive away, again, in the Northeast, that went through my nearest USPS sorting facility yesterday, and is now in San Francisco.  Another one started in Oakland, went through Sacramento, which makes sense, logistically, but is now in Honolulu.  ‘Splain that one, Ricky.  Might as well sent something from Boston to New York City via Anchorage.

Aside from the fact that such screw-ups add a couple of days to delivery, the person sending it, even if I didn’t have to pay shipping charges, paid for guaranteed two-day or three-day priority mail delivery, complete with tracking number, and got Pony Express instead.

There’s something severely wrong with our postal system when I can get things shipped from China, Japan, Poland, or Peru, including the time they get held up in customs,  almost as fast as I can get something from an hour’s drive away.  Dafuq’s up with that?

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