Dafuq is This?

It can’t possibly be sun poisoning, because I haven’t been out in the sun much longer than it takes to vacuum the pool (~20 minutes per morning).  It sort of looks like a rash that started on the back of my hands yesterday, and spread up my forearms today, to my elbows.  It could be a reaction to poison ivy, because we have lots of it around here, but it doesn’t itch, it’s not forming tiny blisters, and it doesn’t hurt.  It probably is some sort of contact dermatitis, but it doesn’t fit the usual bill, aside from a reddish rash.

This is going to be fun when I meet my other side of the family in MN Friday afternoon.  If this horse hockey persists when we arrive, all I can do is “air kiss” them, tow our coolers full of Yuengling and Long Trail out of the truck bed, and go fetch whatever ice, or other cookout supplies they need.

Hello, Minnesota, here we come.  FWIW, I think none of my relatives will hold it against me for not giving them a bear hug, under the circumstances.

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