Woo-Hoo Memorial Day Weekend

Theoretically, Memorial Weekend is Saturday through Monday.  Ours was from Thursday to Tuesday, because we had to drive ~1200 miles each way for the annual family shindig in Minnesota.  That was five and a half days away, 42 hours of which were spent driving.  We got rained on in MN, IA, IL, IN, and OH, on the way back, but WV and PA took pity on us, and let the sun shine, sort of, even though the tornados were chasing us East.  Dayton, OH, got nailed as predicted, but by the time it did, we were at the eastern end of the state.

This weekend was probably the best family gathering we’ve ever had.  Aside from the BBQ, my brother-in-law rolled out the best lawn game ever.  It was basically a trailer mounted giant water balloon slingshot.  Yeah, there were a few inanimate targets set up, but the fun really began when people went out on the lawn, and took turns standing there as a target.  Who wants to aim at a trash can lid when you can aim at a relative?

Points were awarded for direct hits only.  There were no teams, but it was pretty obvious the women were better at it than the guys.  The guys just wanted to … um … shoot their … water balloons.  We women “dialed it in”  visually before we let go.  This was a slingshot, but it sort of works like a longbow, except that you pull it back with your fingers horizontal instead of vertically.

I came in second.  Ashley won.  The best guy came in fourth.

I volunteered to be a target, but nobody actually hit me.  When my b-i-l joined me out there, he got nailed three times.  Either nobody really wanted to drench me, or he was a bigger target.  But, at 70 yards away, neither of us were that easy to hit with a slingshot.  *shrug*

Damn, was that fun!

So far, the only nasty weather we got besides torrential rain is … not a whole lot that is unusual for this time of year.

Fantastic holiday weekend!


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