Alien Life Form

My mom had wanted me to kill what she thought was an alien plant life form out of Star Trek, so I brought over my hori-hori, pruning shears, and some weed killer.  Turned out the damned thing was a hosta, with three baby hostas popping up around it.  *groan*

So, I dug them up, then she wanted the rest of the stuff in the general area hacked out, too.  The clematis was easy to rip out, but that Martha Washington geranium had something like 200 stems.  I knew the Martha Washington geraniums liked shade, but never knew they could get that big, and I didn’t think they were perennials.  Maybe that’s not what it was, but that’s what mom said it was.

“Use your pruning shears on it.”

“Are you kidding me?  I’d have brought my machete if I’d known you wanted me to take out that one, too.”

So, I hacked away at it with the hori-hori, and got the job done.  A machete would have been so much more efficient.  At least we Americans are allowed to have gardening tools.

I wish my mom would describe her “problem” a little bit better when she calls me over to solve it, so I could actually be prepared for it.  Her retirement community has gardeners, but I have to do 70% of it for her, anyway.  It wouldn’t be such a chore if I didn’t have to drive over an hour to get there to accomplish her “honey do” list.

Oh, well.  At least I can top off my car’s gas tank in her state on the way home, ’cause it’s at least a quarter cheaper per gallon than here.

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