Great Glasses

I wish I was talking about gold or silver rimmed brewery logo pint glasses, but I’m not.  On my way to my dentist this afternoon, I got something wedged under one of my contact lenses.  It felt like pollen, which, if you’ve ever seen it under a microscope, looks like the business end of a mace.  Couldn’t do a damn thing about it while I was driving, so after I got the car parked in the lot, and dashed in, I popped out the offending lens to clean it.  No dice.  Tried again another three times while I was waiting, to no avail.

Got my teeth cleaned, but by then, my eye was so severely irritated that I couldn’t drive home w/o my polarized sunglasses because of increased light sensitivity, and to cut the sun glare.  Finally had to take out my contacts, and go fish a pair of glasses that are as old as Nikita out of a drawer.  I must have scratched my cornea; that’s how badly my eye hurt.  I’ve done it before.  These glasses are so old that they look like the ones Lynda Carter wore on Wonder Woman.

it’s a little trippy.  I can see through them just fine, and read like usual, through the middle of the lenses, but peripheral vision is a bit off.  Straight lines look a little bowed.  Depth perception seems fine.  Oddly enough, it is legal for me to drive while wearing my glasses instead of contacts, although I’d much rather not have to do it.  Hopefully my cornea will heal by Friday, when I have to go back to my dentist to get a front tooth chip repaired.

I really like my dentist.  She’s an immigrant from Ukraine who had to get re-certified in the U.S., but boy does she have the expertise to do anything but implants.

Anyway, Ol’ Rusty’s going to look like a fly face for a day or two with these damned glasses.

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