My Gardens Rock This Year

We have an herb garden, a veggie garden, a separate asparagus one, and another for the strawberries and potatoes.  The veggie garden got started a couple of weeks late this year, because it was so cold and rainy, and an 18″ carapace  snapping turtle decided to lay her eggs next to a tomato plant last week, before making her way back down to the pond.  The herbs are going gangbusters, though, and the three varieties of hybrid strawberries we planted are producing, and should all summer long.  Two years worth of failed asparagus taught me to buy nice big beefy dig-ups from Burpee this time around, but hoo boy, are those “ferning” out beautifully.  We should be able to judicially pick some next Spring, and thereafter, have at it.

Mmmm … asparagus, tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), squash, cukes, strawberries, potatoes, etc. are going to be so tasty.  So are all the fresh herbs.  I’ve already canned nine 8 oz. jars worth of strawberries as jam.  The red and black raspberries just grow wild around here, as do the blackberries, so we’ll harvest and process them when they are ready.  So far, they are looking good.

Berry season!  And sugar snap peas.  Not much else, yet.

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