Summer Favor Trading

This is that time of year.  Our neighbor from across the street came by to borrow the log splitter, which isn’t even ours, but is on semi-permanent loan from our next door neighbor.  All three of our households sort of know each other, and we made it clear that the log splitter wasn’t ours, but they could use it for a couple of days.  It’s all lubed up, with a full tank of gas, so it’s ready to use.

Anyway, he palmed off a dozen brown eggs he got from his son, who has a flock of chickens this year that are producing more eggs than any of them can use.  Oh, boy, do we know what to do with eggs!  Between “squasheroles,” frittatas, and stuff like zucchini, winter squash, or banana bread, we can go through a dozen eggs in a flash.  The quick breads freeze really well.  The casseroles and frittatas don’t, but we seldom have any more leftovers from supper than one person can consume for brunch the next morning.

Now that we know the neighbors across the street are around, we’ll bring over some of our heirloom tomatoes.  Wanted to do so earlier in the week, but couldn’t get a hold of them to ask whether they wanted any, so we gave away what we were going to give them to another neighbor, along with what we were going to give them, anyway.

20:1 we’ll be invited again for their Christmas party this year.  They go all out for that.  Of course, we’ll bring a bottle of wine, if we do get invited.  I’d never show up to a party without bringing a hostess gift.

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