Interesting Start to Labor Day Weekend

Our nephew came to visit for a couple of days leading up to this holiday weekend.  Picked him up on Wednesday at a designated meeting point an hour and a half away, and brought him here.  Didn’t know when we were going to get back, so I didn’t prepare supper, and we simply took him out for pub grub that night.  That was fine.

I gave him the whole “new annex” to himself, rather than stashing him in one of the bedrooms in the original part of the house.  That way, he had a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and loft, all to himself.  It’s rather like a cottage, except that it is attached to the main house though a hallway that can be closed off.  Turned out it was perfect, because there’s a desk in that bedroom that he was able to use to get in a few hours of work after we went to bed, or in the morning, while we were up and around, before he was ready to emerge to get brunch.

Thursday, we smoked some pork ribs.  I made coleslaw to go with it, and a Caprese salad with our own Jubilee and Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, plus fresh basil leaves I’d picked half an hour beforehand to chiffonade.  I had to buy the fresh mozzarella for it.  So what?  The fresh basil from my herb garden was not just for garnish; it’s integral to the taste of the “salad.”  Didn’t have any Black Krims left that were large enough to mix in with the Brandywines and Jubilees.  My nephew took a picture of it, because he thought my artistry was so good.  I made enough Caprese salad to serve four people, but my nephew liked it so much that he ate half of it.  No matter.  We’re up to our eyeballs in heirloom tomatoes, and still are harvesting at least 10 lbs./day, which is half what it was a couple of weeks ago (and we’re still giving some away to neighbors).  We also had lots of huge ears of corn on the cob, that was sweet as could be, for that BBQ.

He also went back for seconds on the smoked ribs, and coleslaw, which means I did a pretty good job of fixing what we would have normally done for a Labor Day cookout.  It was the closest he was going to get to one of those this weekend, given his schedule.

He was here here two nights, before we drove him down to D.C., where he had to be for business Friday evening.  It was a bitch of a drive to get him there on time, drop him, off, and return home.  Four flipping hours down there, which should have taken three, then five back, with excessive delays (and $24 in tolls!) made it a long trip.  Still it was better than letting him try to find public transportation (his plan, not ours), which might have worked if he had taken a series of trains and buses, but would have been even slower than our car ride.  At least we know he got where he was supposed to be, safely, on time.

We never leave for a road trip without packing enough sandwiches, iced tea or lemonade in a thermos, and crap like tortilla chips, or white cheddar crackers to make it the next destination along the way.  Our nephew now knows how we road trip to Minnesota.  This trip was nowhere as long, but it’s the way we roll, both literally, and figuratively.

Caught up with him later, via text.  He’s safe and sound, and off to his next destination.  Our work is done.

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