Dealer Service

So, I took my car in for mandatory state inspection at my dealer.  It took a little over an hour, including the next service, which is a joke, but includes software updates, and cost me a whopping $13.01, with dealer cash back.  Cash back from what, I do not know.  That was great, but over the next five days, I got at least a dozen emails from various employees at the dealer, asking me to fill out a forthcoming survey (which I never received), and giving me two free months worth of Sirius service.

That’s nice, but since I only put ~1000 miles per year on my car, two months worth of commercial free radio is worthless.  So’s the chit for a free car wash.  If I want to listen to something other than talk radio, or a classic rock station, I’ll pop in a CD.  If I want a car wash, I’ll leave it in the driveway during a t-storm, or hit it with the power washer, and pick out the leaves from the hood/wiper area by hand.  It’s just a zippy little Volvo, not some sort of really expensive sports car.  It has no dings, dents, or chipped paint, but I’m not babying it.  It’s just a car — one that I love, but it’s still a car, not a child or pet.  The service guy said “You park it under a tree, don’t you?”  “Yes, I do.  I could theoretically  park it in the pole barn, but that’s we keep our tractors and implements.”  He laughed, because that situation is so common around here, with so many old farms like ours.

Great dealer, great service, but way too many emails soliciting … nothing that matters.

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