Weird & Wonderful

This post is about various things.  First, I had the pool closed yesterday, which I almost regret because it’s shaping up to be an Indian Summeyesterdaysr.  Oh, well.  So, I can’t go swimming, or riding around on a float, but I can still catch rays on a lounge chair, if I want to.

Yesterday was a special occasion, so we wanted to go out to dinner at a local Peruvian restaurant.  Turns out it’s closed on Mondays, which we would have known if its website had given days and hours, but it didn’t.  So, we went to a Mexican restaurant in the area which we had driven by a bazillion times, but had never tried.  Turns out it was pretty good, had a liquor license, instead of being BYO, and was half the cost.  All in all, it was fortunate turn of events.  The food was not the best Mexican we’ve ever had, but it was pretty good, the service was fine, and th bill came to half what it would have been at the Peruvian place.  We’ll go back.  We may never bother trying the Peruvian place again, because parking anywhere within a few blocks of there is a bitch.

On a third topic, eBay’s going to eBay.  I have once had a vendor cancel an order he/she couldn’t fulfill, and refund me, but I have never before had one take the money and run, with no further communication for a month.  Finally had to have Ebay step in on my behalf after multiple attempts to contact the vendor, that went ignored.  We’ll see what happens.  I can deal with getting ripped off for $12, but that vendor should have to pay the piper, and yeah, I want my $12 refunded.  What’s really odd is that the vendor had a 99.7% good feedback rating, wwhich is usually alright.

Topic number 4:  it looks like we’re going to have an Indian Summer, which is great.  We got such a late start on our vegetable garden because of wet and cold soil temperature conditions.  This might make up for it.  The tomato vines are still producing, and flowering, but it’s nothing like it was a month ago, when we were giving them away to neighbors, and canning four quarts per night of them.  The peppers were nibbled so badly early on that they only recovered a few weeks ago, and are now producing fruit in abundance, but they won’t outlast a hard frost.

Our milk was going a little too sour to use for banana bread or biscuits, so instead of dumping it down the drain, I made fresh cheese out of it.  I hate throwing away food, if it can be salvaged.

So, the weird is the change of plans for dining out and the one eBay vendor.  The wonderful is the extended summer, and new restaurant option we discovered by accident.

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