Good & Plenty

When I was a kid, I loved black licorice.  So did my dad.  Mom would swipe all our Halloween chocolate, and leave me the Mary Janes, and licorice.  Allsorts and Crows were good, but my favorite to share with my dad were the Good & Plentys.  We’d play a game in which we each had to guess whether the next one to come out of the box would be white or pink.  There were no winners or losers, because they all got consumed.

The Christmas before my dad died, I gave him a “coal scuttle” of licorice flavored hard candy, complete with a mini hammer to break it up.  He loved it.  One, it was a joke about getting a lump of coal for Christmas, but it was also his favorite candy, and a memory that went back decades for both of us.  Dad totally got the joke.

Today’s Good & Plenty aren’t the same as the ones from 50 years ago.  Yes, there is the licorice core, but the pieces are cut shorter than they used to be.  The candy coating is thinner, too.  Still, if you want licorice, Good & Plenty is an option when you can’t find licorice whips, or licorice hard candy.

My mom bought me a package of Good & Plenty last weekend when we drove her to her local grocery store to get some things.  It was funny, because giant packages were 3/$3 there, and I can’t find them around here.  I wanted to pay her back, but she insisted that it was a present, and wanted me to grab three of them.  I went with one, which still only cost a buck.  It’ll last me until the holidays.

Ahhhh … licorice.  It’s one of those flavors that people either love or hate.  I love it.  I think I want some candy coal for Christmas.

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