Exit Zero Filling Station

We were down in Cape May for a few days on a mini-vacation.  Typically, we go there once or twice a year during bird migration, which is off-season.  Better B&B rates, no crowds, etc.  This time around, I got some awesome sunrise pictures at the lighthouse, and some equally good sunset pictures at Sunset Beach.  The birds were plenty, but not so cooperative for pictures.

Our favorite place to eat there is Exit Zero Filling Station.  A few years ago, it was called Exit Zero Cookhouse, and was located across the street.  We usually go for an early dinner, but didn’t this last time, and walked over in heavy rain and gusty wind around 7pm.  Turns out that at that time, there was a live band playing.  They were local, but they were no crappy teenage garage band.  They were quite good.  I stuck a few bucks in their tip pitcher.

Anyway, the place had a door prize type drawing, like a raffle, but one free entry per person.  I never win anything, but my other half won it, and selected a print of a local WWII landmark done by a very good local artist.  We thought that was the end of it.  That print will look nice in our basement bar/rec room once we get it framed, next to the pictures of WWII era planes.  It fits the theme.

That wasn’t the end of it, though.  When we got up to leave half an hour later, we were shepherded into the adjacent gift shop, in which someone  packaged up two t-shirts, two pint glasses, and two flight sized glasses for us — for free.  That was a “Wow.  Thanks!”  The retail price of what we walked away with was roughly the cost of our dinner, plus beers, and tip.  That’s never going to happen again.

We love the place, and will continue to go there every time we’re in Cape May.  It has nothing to do with the door prize winnings.  It’s just a great place for food, and now that it has a liquor license, we don’t have to bring our own booze.

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