Tornado Warning

Last night, our electricity went out twice, only for ~15 seconds per time.  That tells me that a circuit tripped at a substation, and successfully reset itself.   No big deal.  It sometimes happens during torrential rain with high winds.

Then, we go to bed, and the radio station we had on beeps  three times, indicating one of those emergency messages.  Thankfully, it was repeated, because my other half was yakking away so that I couldn’t hear it the first time.  It was a tornado warning — not unheard of, but unusual for this part of the country.  My county and township were specifically listed, along with several others in the general area.  Not much we could do, except stay away from the windows.

This morning, on the radio news, it turns out that eight houses were leveled just a few towns away.  Wow.  Nothing like the April ’96 tornado that completely wiped out Ogden, IL, but still.  We’re nowhere near tornado alley.  We escaped with some branches down in the yard, but that’s it.  Hopefully, those homeowners were all paid up on their insurance, and either have some relatives with whom they can stay, or can either afford something like an extended stay motel, or a rental house while theirs gets rebuilt.

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