G.A. Kohl Bottle

My other half found an antique G.A. Kohl bottle in the backyard, down by the pond and creek.  We knew nothing about it, but I looked it up online, as best I could.  Turns out there was a brewery in NJ by that name in the mid-1800s that produced porter and ale.  I found a few examples of ones like it for auction, that went for anywhere from $50 to $150, depending upon condition.  We knew it was old because there were air bubbles in the bluish-green glass.  Modern glass beer bottles aren’t shaped like that, the green ones are more of an emerald green than this teal green, and they do not have air bubbles in the glass like this one does.

I got the mud out of it, but it might take a little bleach in hot water to eradicate the moss/algae/whatever growing in it.  It’s not in perfect shape, but it has no cracks that will leak, and the neck/top is intact, so it’ll make a nice bud vase or candle holder for a taper.

Cool find.  This property dates to pre-Revolutionary War days.  Something 120-150 years newer isn’t that unusual to find on the place, but it is unusual to find an artifact in such good condition.  We’ll just keep it.

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