Outlaws Concert

Some band called Cosmic American Derelicts opened for the Outlaws.  They were remarkably good.  Their genre was closer to Country than Southern Rock, but there is overlap between the two.  Aside from playing good music, they looked so relaxed onstage, played their own stuff, and it might have been complicated for someone else to try to cover it.

Outlaws were really good.  How many times have they dissolved, and reformed, with Blackfoot in between?  Anyway, they played for 90 minutes straight, after a brief intermission to remove the warm-up band’s equipment, etc.  We got our money’s worth for those tickets, no question.  Their new stuff doesn’t really sound a whole lot different than their ’70s stuff, which suits me fine.  When you have a sound, it’s your trademark, so to speak, and the fans keep showing up to pay for tickets, don’t mess with what made you great.  They don’t.

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