Holiday Season Is Almost Here

How can I tell?  Sure, the calendar gives a clue, but even without that, all the catalogs are rolling in — Plow & Hearth, Wind Song Hammacher Schlemmer, Novica, Smithsomian, National Geographic, Orvis, Woolrich, The Company Store, L.L. Bean, and the best of all — Bass Pro and Cabela’s.

Okay, those are nice, but the catalogs I really, really want are the ones from Burpee, Park Seed, Gurney’s, etc.  I know where to buy a flannel shirt or a pair of shearling slippers for a family member for Christmas without having a hard copy catalog.  I know where to order gourmet chocolates for my other half’s office for Chanukah.  It’s the seed catalogs that really rock my socks; they’re plant porn!  It’s all about what could be next summer.  I can dream, right?

On another note, we got a menu from a (supposedly) Chinese place a town away from us that actually delivers.  Really?  Nobody else around here delivers w/o GrubHub as the middleman.  The thing about the menu is that it’s not really Chinese.  It’s pan-Asian.  Some dishes are Chinese.  Some are Japanese.  Some are Thai, and at least one is more Malaysian than anything else.  Nothing on it is Vietnamese, though.  That’s a shame; I’d love a quart of Pho. Parking in the center of that town to fetch a “pick-up” order is brutal, and is best avoided.  Still, we’ll have to try it at least once.   I don’t mind tipping the driver, as long as delivery cost no extra.

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