All I Want for Christmas Is …

A bag of rock salt, and some new dish towels.  I’m dead serious.  We’re due for another snowfall, and parts of our steep driveway that don’t get sun get icy.  That can make it tricky to get out onto the road.  Rock salt comes in handy.  Our dish towels have gotten so ratty that they’re ready for dipstick duty.

If I had received anything like that when I was a kid, it would have been as unwelcome as a pair of socks, when I wanted an erector set.  My spatial visualization and mechanical skills did not suffer as a result of getting socks, but what a letdown that was.

Now, I appreciate practical things.  Yeah.  Rock salt rocks.  Dish towels don’t, but they are useful year ’round, instead of for three or four months.  *shrug*

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