Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas

The two coincide this year, which is nice.  As usual, I sent a John & Kira’s gift tower of gourmet chocolates in to the office.  We always get some for ourselves, so what goes to the office gets split up between the boss and the office manager.  The office manager is in Israel right now, so hopefully the boss will leave some for her.  He and his wife go absolutely gaga over those chocolates.  It was rather funny that he called to ask whether he could bring some home for his wife.  Well, of course!  Fortunately, I placed my order before they jacked the prices $10 for the holidays, and delayed delivery until last week.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, here’s a cover of a Billy Squier Christmas song from a friend of mine.  She’s the one singing, and playing violin.

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