Happy 2020

It’s only three day in, but so far 2020 is going well.  We roasted our duck for NYE, as we have done for over two decades.  It was delicious, moist, and not greasy.  As usual, I managed to pop the cork on the champagne right at the stroke of midnight.  We didn’t have any pinot noir to go with the duck, but the malbec my in-laws gave us back in May worked out quite well.  It didn’t overpower the duck, and the duck didn’t overpower it.

My post-Christmas sale holiday decorations have mostly arrived.  If you want Halloween candy, buy it on Nov. 1.  If you want Christmas decorations, buy them between Christmas and New Year’s.  One item I bought is still on sale, but now the sale price is $15 more than I paid for it last week.  All decorations but one have been tested, and are working.  One set of icicle lights (I ordered two sets) does not work, but Wayfair is replacing that one set for me for free, and I don’t have to return the non-working set.

I suppose I can use its bulbs for replacements on other incandescent strings of mini-lights as they fail, but the string itself will not light.  The working set was obviously unopened, but the non-working set had obviously been opened, unstrung, the spare bulbs removed, the whole thing just stuffed back into the packaging, willy-nilly, returned, then shipped to me.  As long as Wayfair’s replacing it for free, it’s no big deal.  I’ll test the replacement set, then stick it in a closet until December, anyway.  FWIW, I also got an email from Wayfair offering me a 10% off discount code on my next order tom make up for the one with the bum set of lights.  May not use it, but if there is something I want that’s already on mega-sale, I’d be stupid not to use it.

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